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New Youtube Update on iphone

I’m sure many of you were brave enough to click the update button on your app store without checking what is actually new to the app. Then you opened your Youtube app and realise how deadly that button really is. Well this happened to me too.

It is hard to develop new apps within this industry, after all so many designs are already out there and the demand for interaction to be spotless is always stressed. However I do not see why Google had to change their perfectly working app with an amazing layout to what it looks like right now. For those unfamiliar with the new layout, here is what it looks like right now:
Youtube App New Layout

…it seems like the ratings have gone from almost 5 starts to 1.5 stars…in less than a day

The major feature which was deleted from this app is the grey side bar which showed all your ‘account details’, ‘subscriptions’and basically anything else you need in one side bar. That feature is now gone and your settings are in a less accessible place – in the right hand corner beside the search button. The layout is nice yes, don’t get me wrong, but I wish they didn’t put the subscriptions in the little bubbles. It takes a lot more scrolling now to find the Channel (mainly because we all have so many subscriptions!).

Upon reading many Apple Store Reviews on my own iPhone, it seems like the ratings have gone from almost 5 starts to 1.5 stars, now that is probably one of the most record breaking drops on the Store in less than a day. It shows how crucial people are with expressing their opinions about the App they genuinely love. I wish I had as many nice things to say about this new update but unfortunately I do not. I am relieved however that you can click on the arrow by the subscriptions button and see all of them with their names, the first time I seen the update I almost had a heart attack when the names were simply not there. Okay, here are some good points:

  • The layout is nice as it always was, the red and white colours is too well associated with Youtube to change it, that’s why the profiles of the subscribers have different colours. It adds a nice contrast and a visual change, it basically looks neat and well thought out.
  • Better Search features have been added. Now when you type in anything, you can see videos, channels with those words in the names and even playlists. Its a nice add on which can actually reduce the search time, which will make the user happier.
So maybe not everything is terrible in the new update, but in my opinion the old layout was way better, if they added new features to the old layout we would have the ‘Perfect App’.

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