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Anyone else thinks IOS 9 Update sucks?

Ever since I got myself an iPhone, I fell in love with their ‘App Switcher’ menu which is the  menu you get when you double-click the home button and it lists all your apps which are on at the minute. Today I finally was led to temptation to update my phone, and I regret it very much!

I read quite a bit about little new features that are super cool and would make having the new update really handy. Yet no one cared to mention the huge change to the App Switcher. If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about, don’t worry, I prepared with a picture. Luckily my boyfriend didn’t update his phone and I get to show you a clear comparison of what this looks like now.


As you can see from the image above, ios8 and ios9 look a lot different. For someone who got an iPhone just 3 months ago I just got used to everything the way it was and I loved what you can see there on the App Switcher for ios8. I know, we all have to adapt to change when it comes to our technology but not when it becomes worse. Before with the old update, I was able to see my whole app display. So lets say I wanted to Google something I didn’t understand from one app,I could easily go from Safari – then double-click the home button, scroll to the other app – see the keyword or sentence I wanted to check – go back to safari and Google it. Now you don’t really get to see your whole app any more, which means less compatibility with the apps and software.

Also, now all the opened apps are cramped into the left hand side. Now someone please explain to me how do we go from having apps on the right hand side which is probably better for those who use their phones with a right hand (no offence to left-handed people 🙂 ). I for one, got used to the apps always be there and within a couple of seconds shut them down with my thumb. Now it is quite hard to change my habit and I forget that apps are on the other side. I might sound like I’m whining about nonsense but when it comes to this industry of design, we designers have to be so careful with the changes we make otherwise people will hate us for them (read my YouTube review? Then you know what I mean, if not please do 😀 ).

I hate the fact that the recent contacts is now gone, which was put in place not that long ago in the first place. Now to see these you have to scroll from the very first home page to the left and you get them there with recently used apps. I’m annoyed at that change because I loooooved it when it first came out! I wanted to ring someone? I double clicked no matter what app I was in and clicked on the contact icon. So if I want to do that now, I have to leave the app and then scroll to the first home page, then scroll to the left. Yes it isn’t much of an extra effort but when Developers show us a way to do things quicker, we are obviously going to use it. And now they just took it away.

I give this system update a 5/10 because they took too many features I loved.I will post another review after a week of having this update to tell you guys anything cool I noticed.

I don’t know if  anyone else have noticed that the App Switcher seems to be an idea copied from Android system. The old android app switcher on older phones from a few years ago looked much like ios8 but you had to scroll from top to bottom and now it looks like the second image on the right which ios9 now has. A little suspicious don’t you think?



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