New Banner Illustration

This week I have been working on some new illustrated work for banners which are placed on my newly style University Website. Since I started second year a few weeks ago I have been itching to start creating a new layout for my page, especially since I have to make a portfolio on it to start applying for work experience for the next academic year.

The idea to make my own illustrations came form some brainstorming to make a banner for the main page of the portfolio. I had no idea at first what to create. I thought about using a photograph which would be darkened out in Photoshop and then have text over it saying ‘Monika Zygadlo blog’. But anything I actually made, I didn’t like.

So I went to a coffee shop with my boyfriend, he studied while I brought my laptop to blankly stare at it with a cup of hot chocolate (by the way Clements have the best hot chocolate in Belfast!). To look like I’m actually doing something I just started messing about with shapes and colour schemes in Photoshop for the banner when an idea popped into my head ‘Hey! Why not illustrate a website on the banner’ and so I started making it. By the end of our afternoon sit down in the coffee shop, I planned to illustrate an iPhone with an app inside it and even add a camera there too. So once home I basically made my vision come to life and Tada!

banner for my website

I chose these colours because I am a fan of pastel colours at the minute, and since this is a website about me and my work these colours express a bit about myself. I wanted the background to be darker so the other elements can stand out. The webpage is based off a Google Chrome look on an Apple Mac, the iphone is my very own iPhone 5c with a template of an app and the last illustration is a cute camera. All of these express a bit about my personality, I like to browse the web and create websites, I love having an iPhone and having lots of different apps and the camera shows I like photography.

I am hoping to make a few more banners for each one of my links on the website, don’t be shy and check out the webpage: Click Me!


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