Shapes and Simple Colours

You know you are really into your work when you spend until almost 3am enjoying messing about in Photoshop. Last night I got inspired from a few simple poster designs I found on Pinterest. Most of them were plain, involving lots of shapes and only one shade of colour. Most aspects of these posters were representing ‘Realism’, ‘Determination’  and ‘Existentialism’ 

From one link to another, out of interest, I got lead to a website and some perfect examples of how wonderful simple design is. The article came from website called Buisness Boom Collective

I really loved the style and decided to try out the idea on some simple objects that I had in my home. So I chose nail pilolishes, a perfume bottle and a notebook. All these illustrations look quite girly because they are girly items and hey, I love these kind of colours. So while making these I used only shapes and the pen tool for drawing lines.

perfume notebooknail polish

After making these I started planning to make my own simplicity poster  about pretty little things girls like. Doing these kind of projects of my own for fun are a great way to spend a free weekend.


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