Typography outside of Computers

It’s so unusual to see a Typography book in a small shop but today while being at BookWorks shopping for a few things I discovered a really cool book called ‘An Urban Alphabet’. I ended up looking through it a little bit in the shop . This book is a small A6 print which focuses on Typography outside of Computers, Photoshop or Illustrating software.

Photo 16-10-2015, 12 51 20 (1)Photo 16-10-2015, 12 50 51

It’s quite weird how I noticed this after book right after our lecture this morning, where our lecturer talked about different direction a design can take. He then told the class it is good to try and do a piece of work outside the computing aspects and just create something with pen, paper or objects. Take photos of it or if possible scan it, print it again, do more work to it and so on. This small book is worth checking out especially since it shows every letter of the alphabet in different possible designs, or just by the shapes out there in the world that resemble that letter.

I recommend you guys keep checking out BookWorks anywhere near you, the one is Belfast city centre is awesome and has so many good deals every day.


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