Typorama – Typography in Only a Couple of Minutes!

Today by scrolling through my twitter I learned about a new interesting app. Creative Bloq posted a quick review of a Typography App called Typorama which is  basically a quick way of making your own images or banners with cool Typography. (Also follow @CreativeBloq on twitter for cool and useful tips on Design as well as media news).

So what’s the app like? It’s so much fun! You can get it for free on the App store and create images in different sizes within 4 steps.

  1. Pick an image from the list or upload your own. There are plenty of very nice images there about any keyword you type in. These image professionally taken and include images like an empty phone screen where you can add your text to the screen. These type of images give you the chance to experiment, a lot!
  2.  Choose the Text style. By clicking multiple times on any style, the app generates a different look for it. There are 29 free styles to choose rom and another exclusive 8 can be bought. Then choose the colour and by double clicking on the text generated on your image, you can type in your own text or even get a generated quote! The possibilities are huge!
  3. Chose any other settings for your image such as text tools which let you control the shadow angles and the colour, you can even add filter to the final look as well as overlays which are basically shadows, fireworks and many other extras.
  4. Now your all done and ready to save or share your image with one click. This app provides a link to share to any social media you may have.

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App Layout 

This app has a really gorgeous yet simple layout. The app opens straight into the choice of images, it has an elegant logo and a search bar at the top while below there are random images shown. You can read more about the app by clicking info on the left top of the screen. The whole program is smooth and transits from one page to another by scrolling up or down fast, which is a nice touch to the interactivity of it. The colour scheme is focused on simple and basic colours and it works for the whole app. Over all I love the whole look, it’s modern and very easy to understand how to use. As a user you get straight into it and start making new Typography in any way you like.


Of course there are so many apps out there that let you edit any image you want, however this one offers professional Typography in different styles. From bold to italic and mixing both together including illustarted fonts and created by the people who developed the app. Below I put a few images of the styles I really liked and so you can get the idea of the app has to offer.

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My Rating

So after messing around with this app a lot I have to say I love it and give it a 5/5 stars which I also gave on apple store. The whole idea was genius, anyone using it can feel like a designer, especially if they don’t really know much about design since the app even helps you choose colour schemes.

Here are some banners I made in the size of a twitter banner. I really loved making them even just to enjoy trying to compose something new when I’m bored.


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