Colouring books for Adults are Relaxing 

Feeling stressed and want to busy your hands and be relaxed at the same time?

To be honest I miss colouring in, when I was a child I did nothing but ask my mum to buy new colouring books and I would finish them within a few days.

Now adults can colour in too, crazy right?😂 These books are called Zen Books. You can pick from many different books from shapes, to realistic drawings to random tiny detailed patterns. I bought one in Book Works here in Belfast for only £5, great bargain considering their usually £10-15 in other big brand shops.

I started to really enjoy using these books. Usually my relaxing ritual these days is putting on an episode of Supernatural (I’m binge watching, currently on season 8☺️) then sit down with the book and colouring pencils and simply colour in. I can’t believe how relaxing this is! I feel really willing to do work after I finished. This is a good method to motivate yourself to be creative in different aspects

At the moment I have two do these books. Here are some images of your interested in trying this out, I recommend it!



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