JavaScript and JQuery Book by John Duckett

It is hard to find a proper book which will easily explain how JavaScript actually works and how to code it. I found this book by John Duckett in the University library a few days ago while in search for some guides since I found the lecture slides for one of my modules hard to understand.

I got almost halfway through the book quite fast all thanks to the fantastic code display and the short explanations for each element of the code. Below is an image of what some of the pages look like.

As you can see from the photos, the HTML code is displayed in blue and the JavaScript is in Green and at the end of the code is an image which shows the codes results. The presentation of the whole book is fantastic, within a couple of hours of reading I understood how to code javascript into a webpage, arrays, functions and how statements work.

I rate this book 5/5 because by reading this book it is easy to tell the author is great at teaching those who have no understanding of much code at all. The examples are perfect, they explain each line of code and how to use it appropriately in different situations.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to learn how to code JavaScript with HTML. The books step by step guide can help understand the code to anyone with some or none knowledge of the script.

What I found helped me the most in quickly learning each chapter of the book, is the layout. The pages aren’t bombarded with heavy text and unusually seen words, instead there are small paragraphs with lines of code relating to them as examples. The code is usually in boxes and given a result underneath so as a reader you can visually see and remember what exactly that code have done to the web page. The cool part about finishing a chapter is the over all summary which includes all the code that the chapter has introduced but as a website. So you have an image of the website looks like, then the HTML and JavaScript code which allows you to try it yourself on your computer.

Here is what a summary looks like:

If you are struggling with learning JavaScript and wish to progress with your knowledge quickly and with ease, then I hope you try this book out. The author also wrote a HTML and CSS book which looks very familiar to this one and from what I seen from it in the library it is just as good and easy to understand.


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