One page website 

I am currently working on a One page interactive website. It is all to do with story telling and interpreting the article like a story. 

The article is about a bird in New Zealand called ‘Takahe’, these birds are almost extinct. The narration tells a story of how a man discovered them and now they are protected by the government. 

The bird is indigo and green colour, and so I decided to use the birds feather colours as layout for my website. Main feature will be scrolling side way instead of down, it is a challenging task but I am willing to give it a try. 

Here are some layout designs I came up with for the first few pages. 

Basically I am working with stencils or images I made into a background silhouette. The idea is to have the reader notice the information on each page is relevant to what is on said on each page. This way the reader isn’t distracted by the background but they don’t ignore it completely either. 

The whole content of the article has facts about New Zealand, that does not suit being in the context of the article. So my idea was to make sure people read it by adding a ‘test your knowledge’ side bar. It is a big part of the page so it’s almost impossible to not notice it. Also the tab challengers the reader to read it. It’s an attention grabbing techniques. 

I really enjoyed creating this layout, now comes the hard part of actually coding it together and adding some animation to the aspects of the webpage. 

Here is a 3 page layout map I have done so far:



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