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Creating a Cooking Web Page | My Designs 

As a task for one of my modules we have to create a digital product and learn to manage the whole thing as a company coming up with an item which is missing from the market.

My group came up with a perfect solution for today’s problems of young people not cooking and eating nothing but take out. The research we carried out shown that, people aged 16-24 do not cook every day and can cook only 2 proper meals while and average adult can cook 6 (and we are not talking about beans on toast or scrambled eggs here). As a young person who learned to enjoy cooking, I think other young people should have the sources that encourage them to live a healthier, more efficient and cheaper life.

Since this is a project still in planning stages I can’t reveal too much about our idea but I can tell this much, It is mean to help students and young professionals to be able to plan cheap and none time consuming meals.

  • This will include help on the calories each meal has and the time it takes to make it.
  • Help on how to find specific ingredients and where they are the cheapest.
  • There will be step by step guides on how to make each meal in simple terms.
  • And many more personalised features making the website great on a go and as an app.

So I started to think of design ideas and made a small template of what it could look like, I was quite proud of the way it turned out. Here it is in it’s final design stage:


The fonts I used here are one of my favourite fonts which I recently found

  • The fancy curvy font it called ‘Niconne’ it gives a more sophisticated look to the website but doesn’t exactly specify that this is for fancy meals only.
  • The normal text font I used is called ‘Densia Sans’ which I thought was perfect for a web font. It looks delicate but easy to read, has a nice height to it which looks like one of the more modern fonts and it suits quite well with a more fancy writing. I think they both complement each other quite well.

I am also already working on another possible layout with a bit different colours that might not always be associated with cooking but I think will make our website stand out the most.


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