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Queen of Shadows | Book Review

Queen of Shadows – Throne of Glass Novel Book 4 | Book Review

I finally got a hold of the new 4th book in the series of Theone of Glass (isn’t the cover just gorgeous?)and I couldn’t help but to write a review the very moment I closed the book. Clearly Miss Sarah J Mass is a genius and I worship her for the amazing work she seems to always do with this series and other ones.  I only wish the next book was already out so I could find out what happens to Aelin now that she is not just an assassin but a Queen of Terrasan. (And how her and Rowans relationship will go further, because ya know…their the sexiest people I have ever read about) Whoops forgot to warn…SPOILERS!

Before I give you my honest review, if you are reading this and thinking “What the hell is this book and why is she so obsessed with it?” Clearly you dear madam or sir need to read it. Because this novel will changs your life and how you view books.

The review

The Queen of Shadows by far was one of the most amazing books I have ever read. You know you are addicted to the story and love the characters like your own family, when you simply can’t bring yourself to put the book down no matter what. I was raging that thanks to going to university daily and having lots of deadlines, it took me almost a week to finish this book otherwise I would have had it all read in two days.

Now to give this book the justice it deserves. People who found this book okay are crazy, the writing is fantastic. Sarah J Mass is a Queen of novels. Thanks to her talent for writing I felt like I was there fighting their battles, laughing when they laughed and cried when they cried. I felt like Aelin was in the room at front of me doing her usual assassinations and plotting, no book has ever made me feel so much like I was a part of it.

As much as I loved Chaol before these books he especially got on my nerves this time, but that is exactly what had to happen. Chaols personality made him out to be the person you got annoyed with every time he opened his mouth and I was quite glad to see Aelin and him get over each other as lovers. Rowan on the other hand has to be the sexiest fae/man to have ever existed in novels. When he showed up and Aelin cried with happiness it made me cry a little too. Their relationship has progressed perfectly even though I was a little sad that by the end of this book they didn’t get to bed one another(I’m a sucker for romance what can I say).

The final thing I have to say besides the fact that everything was awesome is the way as a reader I got to experience Celaena growing into Aelin, not just an assassin from hell but A Queen of Terrasan. Her character growth has made me so proud of her, she learned from mistakes, she proudly took on the job of finally wanting to be queen and she did it in style as Aelin always did. Her mastermind schemes just prove what a genius Miss Mass really is to create Aelin to be funny, smart and beautiful and the most power fil


Fire Breathing-Bitch Queen(best quote of the book!)

that no one could beat. I love how Aelin is so great as an assassin, she can kill without hassitation but when she’s in the comfort of her own home, Aelin is a lady with lovely tastes for drapes and dresses. I think one of the most epic moment had to have been when the Iron Witch and Aelin fought. Even without her magic, our heroin managed to trick the witch and defeat her but then out of sympathy she saved her life anyway. For me that moment was heart stopping.

An assassin, a Queen, the perfect lover, a thoughtful friend and a badass. Aelin is always going to be my favourite character no matter what book I will read.
One more note 

This book reminded me a little of the game of thrones. There were different characters presented in different locations like Aelin in  Rifthold or Terrasan, her lover Rowan in different part of the world, the iron witches slowly coming close to the Rifthold as an army. I enjoyed reading the story from different sides and points of view. For a scary Iron Witch, Mannon became one of the characters you can’t hate but grow to like. The different kingdoms being shown in this book was a very cleaver writing strategy.

I congratulate you Miss Sarah J Mass for once again writing a masterpiece and outdoing your own previews work. I will always be a fan.


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