Trying out a Graphics Tablet | My Designs

New Graphics Tablet | My Designs

A few days ago I got a Graphics Tablet as a present and had so much fun using it. It really is the newest gadget for designers which makes the job easier.

The model I have is Wacom Intuos and I have to say it is a really good tablet. It didn’t even taker a day for me to figure everything out, the features are so easy to find and change to your own liking. Enabling the sensitivity settings is also very easy, that way when the pen is slightly pressed the brush us thin but the harder you press the thicker the brush is. Wacom tablet is fun to use and helps within any design in Photoshop, Illustrator and any other software.

The tablet was so fun to use I made a few drawings but I also gave it a go at creating my own Anime Character.

Anime char

I would defiantly recommend this tablet for anyone especially if it’s your first graphics tablet, a good product to learn on.

3rd December | My Designs


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