Single Page Website | University Work

Single Page Website | University Work

It’s second week of December and with less than 2 weeks to Christmas deadlines are here and lot’s of work has to be done. Last night I was sitting watching anime as usual and then an idea hit me for this Single Page Website witch has to be done for January. Since I started working at a magazine I thought about putting the skills and the knowledge I am learning from there and create a page which looks like a magazine with it’s pages scrolling down the way.

As the site content we were given in class is quite text heavy I had no idea what to really use and put into the site, but now that I thought about my wee idea I think this will work well. By making the page size ideal to a real life page and adding some images in form of shapes around the page I think the whole article website will look interesting for the reader.

So far I have only designed the Cover page, which will be starting point of the site, a second and third page. For a change I thought that maybe I should not have a navigation bar, this is a story which will have to be followed page by page, there is no need for jumping from one side of the website to the other. So I have a scrolling down icon in each page and and the end there will be an arrow which takes the user to the top.

The colours chosen are to match National Geographic logo and since I realised not many web pages actually use black and white theme only I decided to have the yellow colour be a contrast to the black and white images. I think this way all the important information will stand out. The fonts I chose were Caslon font for the text as it is a standard magazine font and looks really tidy and for the headers I used Beebas.

Here is the design, as always I am open to any feedback 🙂




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