Daily UI | 100 day Challange 

Trying out Daily UI | 100 day Challange of Designs 

So there is this cool new Challange around called the Daily UI for designers. The website send daily tasks and its is entirely up to you as a designer to crate anything as long as it is within that topic base.

It’s a really cool Challange and within a 100 days one designer can have an amazing portfolio. So I signed up to it and decided to try out my best on daily challenges. Even if I won’t have the time for it I will still countinue the Challange until I finish it.

It is easy to sign up just go to the website and type in your email and they will send you the challenges! If your interested in trying it out yourself then feel free to join just follow the link: http://dailyui.co

Have fun tying it out!! 🤗👍🏻


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