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Challenge #001 | Daily UI Design

Challenge #001 | Daily UI Design 

Subject | LogIn Interface

Yesterday I started the UI Daily Design Challenge, for this task I had to create a LogIn Interface of any type  it could have been a software, website and app etc. Here is my little design, to make it more creative I made 3 pages, one is the main page, the second one is if someone wishes to log in and the third is for someone to register.

The logo is just a fill in I quickly came up with so it looks like a real app, I thought the concept of this app would be a photo organiser. The background image is of a landscape so it enforces the idea of photographers being able to access their photographs through any device with this app. I share all my daily tasks on twitter so I can get some feedback from others who do it too.

Challangde #001 app log in

The colour schemes I chose are flat pastel colours which look nice together and collaborate with the black and white background image. I stuck with the three colours throughout the whole design. I know that these colours might relate to females more than males but I really liked this style of design and took a chance to create an interface like this.


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