Daily UI

Challenge #002 | Daily UI Design

Challenge #002 | Daily UI Design

Subject | Credit Card Checkout

For today’s Challenge I had the task of designing an Interface for a ‘credit card checkout’ which is all the details I got from the email, the rest was entirely up to me. I got down to sketching a few simple ideas and then decided to bring the best one to life through Photoshop. Here is my Design:

credit card

It is basic and simple as too many colours or too many funky designs would have distracted the user from the most important part, filling in the details. The Boxes I made for information are quite huge, maybe too huge but I think it helps the user to see properly if they are filling in their details correctly. I had quite a lot of space inbetween each section to look neat and the font used ‘Oswald’ give it a feel of a modern website and the thin font format is easy to read and see but it also doesn’t take up too much space.

I enjoyed making this design, it was my first time making an interface like this and I’m quite proud of what I created.


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