Daily UI

Challenge #003 | Daily UI Design

Challenge #003 | Daily UI Design

Subject | Landing Page (Above the Fold) 

Today I had my next challenge of creating a Landing Page and I chose to do one for a website. The design came to me based on an idea of a website which sells books and ebooks, since I love reading. The concept is simple, registering with a website to get deals for books of different kind. I got inspired to use a banner image from a few examples I have seen from Pinterest and then I just added a registering option on the banner which also scrolls below it.

The colour schemes came from the image itself which I got on Pixabay free stock images and it worked out quite well. Here is the design with a really nice new font I found ‘Cormorant’ from Font Squirrel.

book website

I tried to think a little outside the box with this one, the page has one strict purpose of interesting a person in registering with the page as a user. The headline offers a free eBook, and since people enjoy getting freebies it is the very first thing they will notice on the page.

The Purple and Green colour look a little unusual together, yet they work quite nicely and suit the image banner of the flower on top of the book. I really enjoyed this design and am happy with what I created.




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