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Challenge #012 | Daily UI Design

Challenge #012 | Daily UI Design

Subject | E-Commerce Shop (single item)

So finally now that Christmas is over I have a little more time outside of work to keep doing these challenges, apologies for missing out on a few but I will continue to do as many as I can.

So here is my idea, I love boohoo.com for their amazing clothes but they have such a horrible website. Its old, its all a mess, everything is nearly on top of each other. So in short its not an enjoyable shopping experience. SO I got inspired to simply re-design boohoo to what I think is a more enjoyable look, easier to use and clearer to see all the elements. And yes I did make it quite girly but I actually mainly used the logo colours, sorry fellas if you hate the colour ‘pink’ but it’s nice to incorporate the logo into the whole site. I made 2 pages. First is a products page and second is the specification asked for from this task, a single item viewing. I took these images off of boohoo to empower the whole realism of the site.

Here are my designs, hope you like them and please feel free to leave feedback! 🙂
shopping site.jpg



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