Challenge #016 | Daily UI Design

Challenge #016 | Daily UI Design

Subject | Pop-Up Overlay

This whole week I absolutely seemed to enjoy all of these task! The pop-up was a great add on to one of my previews blog posts for the re-design of boohoo.com. I would love to one day have a whole collection of possibilities for this design even if it will never be a real website. As you can see below I made sure it matched the whole theme.

pop up boohoo.png

Since I had lot of fun with this I also made another pop-up which was my primary idea for a gaming site pop-up informing someone of what game they purchased and what to do next.

pop uo 2

As seen above this design has a 3D touch to it. The game looks like a real box with holding a piece of card which informs you that you have just purchased black ops 3 (which is terrible on ps3 by the way! Waste of money heard its better on ps4) You have the option of reviewing this further or even go and buy more. It is basic and the colour scheme is plain but I doubt a user would want to be bombarded with a lot of fancy design because the information here is much more important.

I really enjoyed making these two designs. Have to say these are one of my favourites.



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