Challenge #017 | Daily UI Design

Challenge #017 | Daily UI Design

Subject | Email Receipt 

I apologise in advance for the short posts recently however I have been extremely busy with another assignment and working whenever I have the chance for as long as I am back at home.

Anyway here is me catching up for some of the UI Challanges. This one was one of my favourites, it is simple and plain however I really can’t wait till all email confirmations of any purchase start looking like this :D.

email receit image

As you can see above I also created an iphone email interface and put the receipt in it just to show the impact of how nice it could look if it were a real receipt. Of course the size of the screen isn’t as long and a user would simply scroll to see the whole thing.

Since a lot of coffee shops are starting a brand new idea for people to be able to order coffee online through an app and then just come and grab the coffee all ready from the caffee without having to wait in a long line to be served. I based my idea on just that. If a user would be able to pay online they would need to be given a receipt which could either be on the personal app or just in an email.

The colours are simple and relate to a cafe, that is it also suits the brand which I made up for the purpouse of this task. It reflects to be an elegant shop and the whole context is straight to the point. I am very happy with how it turned out.


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