Challenge #019 | Daily UI Design

Challenge #019 | Daily UI Design

Subject | Leaderboard for a gaming interface

This challenge was very fun! I got to create a Leaderboard for any type of interface and I chose it to be for a game. My inspiration came from a few apps such as QuizUp or some designs from Pinterest and I made my design to suit an app.

I enjoyed creating this design very much. It was very hard not to get tired of it though as there was a lot of alignment that had to be precise and it was quite time consuming.

leaderboard image.png

The colours I chose are delicate and could be for any type of interactive fun game like puzzles etc. I had the name with a profile pic there as well as the level of the player and even the country they play from. To make sure it looks real I also added a few phone features at the top bar like so it looks like a screenshot of the leaderboard.

As I absolutely love gaming I feel like the bottom interaction bar has the necessities most gaming apps now need to keep the players interested and happy with the game. A chat is becoming essential now as people like to meet others through games and have a conversation. Friends are also a feature people love, adding players to their list and then challenging them to a game again because of the fun they have together. A quick play button lets you start game mode at any time no matter where on the app you are.


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