Narrative Storytelling  | University Project 

Narrative Storytelling | University Project 
Subject | Website on a New Zealand Bird. 

This semester as part of a Design Module, we were given content about a Nee Zealand bird. It was an article from national geographic which was for us to use to Create an interactive website that would tell the story of this Tahake bird.

The content also involved a few images which we were allowed to put it but also could add our own. The website had to have an interactive map pasted into the whole design as well.

Here is the link to my site: http://scm.ulster.ac.uk/~B00662725/DES310/web1/template/index.html

Well it was not an easy task to come up with a perfectly interactive website and thanks to a template I learn a lot and if now it came to me designing a page like this from scratch I am confident that I could do it without a template. The interactions such as the table , galley or the spinning circle were very fun to make with the help of some really smart people from code pen who shared their code and designs there, that way I was able to learn how to create such interactions.

At the end of this module I very much enjoyed creating this page. A single page seems much easier to create and manage and I think I will happily make my portfolio similar to something like that now within the next few weeks.


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