Challenge #022 and #023 | Daily UI

Challenge #022 and #023 | Daily UI 

Subject | Search Design

Instead of just designing simply a search bar I decided to make a whole layout for the app, especially since I already designed a few different aspects of an app already.

I created a whole design for a search area in the app like the tab with local or new people to find if you don’t know what to type into the search bar. Then whatever the search generates the possible people to add will pop up with the background photo blurred out which would be the wallpaper from the persons profile who searched.

app profile search

For the other task I used this app design too, and created an onboarding in a style of a tutorial. If a new user would install this app they would receive a 3 page scrolled walk through some of the features. I think this design was al right, considering the app style that’s the solid idea I could think of. If this was created I would like the whole app to be faded out and then each feature to fade in with the arrow and text.After getting familiar with each page a user can scroll and the dots at the bottom inform you what page you are on.

onboarding final

I enjoyed creating this layout as it matches the other designs. I feel like I am designing a whole app.



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