Challenge #029 | Daily UI Design

Challenge #029 | Daily UI Design

Subject | Map

So this was a challenging task, I have never made my own map and I really had no idea how to make it. So instead I just screenshoted google maps and put it onto my design. My idea was to make a tracking software instead of mapping as I knew how to design something like that.

The design was based on an idea I had before to make an application programme which allows a person to register devices to be tracked at all times. That way you would always know where these devices are and be able to make money out of being the one keeping an eye on them. You could have clients who trust to keep your devices safe and once they are lost they can let you know that they are lost. This could also work for a company, keeping all their computers, workers phones located as a sort of insurance. It is just a slight idea I had. It would be nice to keep devices safe through a locator.

map1map pop-up


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