Daily UI

Challenge #030 | Daily UI Design

Challenge #030 | Daily UI Design

Subject | Pricing

First of all sorry for a late update. It has been a week since I have done another challenge but I was expecting this to happen as Uni started again and there is so much work for it.

This challenge was fun. I got to create a pricing design for a website which I also made into a popup over lay with a blurred background of the webpage. The website was one I made for one of the previews challenges and I put it into a good use here. Here is my design:


The colours I chose were based on the website colours, the three columns have curved edges and each one was long enough to fit in the offers. Each choice of pricing subcription has its own icon representing what you are getting out of the offers. Like the first one shows an e-reader, second one a paper back book and third a laptop.

I thought there was no need to add all three icons together to the last one because it is obvious enough that once you upgrade to more you get what is in the less valuable packages plus extra.

Instead of having a ‘Choose this plan’ button on each I simply did a checkout button as the plan you chose would be highlighted in purple with a book tag in the left corner. I thought this was nicer and more relevant to a book shop page.

The icons I made myself besides the book which I got off a free stock page and edited it. The fonts I used were ‘Courgette’ for a fancier hand written touch and ‘Eras Light ITC’ which I got today as I like how delicate yet nice it looks.

Over all I am very happy with this design. It looks professional and has a bit of reference to a style of a book. The layout is targeted at people who enjoy a nice layout of a book cover and that’s why the website should satisfy them with a nice look too.


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