Crating From Shapes | Carnival Poster

Crating From Shapes | Carnival Poster

Side Project | Trying out something new

So yeah I got Illustartor the other day and for some reason I just can’t get comfortable with it as I am with photoshop. I decided to stop my constant frustration and stick to what I can do best and try illustarte something in Photoshop instead.

Since flat design is so popular no I thought to use shapes and make a silly and fun poster for myself.  Here is the outcome from my experimentation:


Since I am not a born amazing drawer, using shapes ended up being a brilliant idea. I got an incredibly good outcome. As you can see above I created a Fun Fare poster, circus is in town am I right? Ok, it isn’t but I went From a little idea, to messing around to a whole poster with a few fun attractions.

I got some inspiration from just looking online at how these are structured and made my own. There is lots of colour which would most likely relate to children, I got to experiment a lot with this one.

Over all I am really happy with the design. I like how I didn’t have to spend twice the time in Illustrator and made this just using Photoshop. It’s not that I hate the software but for some reason in Photoshop I work faster, more efficiently and I can get the same outcomes with it that I can with Illustartor and in a quicker time.



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