Daily UI

Challenge #031 | Daily UI Design

Challenge #031 | Daily UI Design

Subject | Files Upload

This Challenge was quite enjoyable, I got to experiment with some colours and the whole design. At the end I used 3 simple colours which matched well together. Here is my design below:

file uploader.png

I used the new font I think looks good the ‘Eras Light ITC’ and simply made it either light or medium. I thought the bubbles to show the percentage remaining was a good idea.  Time remaining was in a light tone while the title of the file is in medium.

Icons in the corner of each upload is to show what type of file it is. The colours indicate the status of the upload. If it is clicked to play than it is yellow, and then when the upload is stopped it is red. It can be resumed at any time with a play button again. Well that’s the concept of it anyway, the user would get also the choice to cancel and pause all of the uploads.

I loved this design more and more after a while of just making it, I think it is one of my best simple concepts.



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