University Work | Icon Design

I have started to work on a new project for a Design module as part of my uni work. The point is to design Icons of any kind, the topic does not matter, it all has to be presented in a web page which suits the design of the icons.

I have started working on these already by drawing the planets on a png transparent background. Once these are done I am able to then add more to them like a background or even put them onto a poster. Here are the planets I have drawn:


I am very proud of these designs. Took a whole day of precise drawing and researching the right colours. My progress was quite simple, I chose the suitable colours on a blank photoshop page, some of these were changed as I worked however. Then I drew on a page the kind of faces I would like to use on these and then added them to each planet.

If I had to pick my favourites they would be Uranus and Pluto as their designs came out the cutest. I don’t think these will be used as a final submission by the end as I can see a lot of place for improvement but at least I have step 3 of my work completed.

I would love to hear what you think about my designs.


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