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First Icons Set | Fully Completed

Its been a while since I posted, but it has been a very busy time for me with all the hasty University Work. But now I am fully committed to posting more often again and start daily challenged once more 😀

So for a couple of months I have focused on creating an icon set for one of my modules. The subeject of my icons were planets, which I happen to expand to space objects over all.

I ended up with 18 icons in full, much more than I expected and now I am in the middle of making a website to attach the icons to. Curious to see them? Well here they are in their whole glory:

all icons

I am extremely proud of these icons, they took a very long time to create and make better version after version. I have to honestly say it was worth the time spend.

I had a lot of ideas made and posted my whole progress on Tumblr as part of the assignment and you can see it here:

But to sum up I can say that I carried out these icons in a process of drafting, brainstorming and the designing. I sketched each icon and uploaded it to tumblr as part of  posts including all of my research.


Here is a sum up of my progress too below, all the steps I taken to create these icons:

  1. Design the first prototype


2.Design the second prototype and compare the two

3. Come up with new ideas:


4. Website design and creating the banner:

Screenshot 2016-04-15 16.12.22.png

The whole design was so much fun to do and I absolutely enjoyed every step of creating this page and its content.






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