Learning Web Design · Work Experience

Work Experience | Week 1

Work Experience | Week 1

Subject | Starting with a new client

What did I do?

This week I have started my first work experience in web design with Jonny Jordan, a freelance designer who is slowly creating a company. I work with Jonny and Martin who used to study IMD a few years back.

The very first day was great, I learned about the software they use for coding and for connecting to the server like ‘Cyberduck’. I also got to start my very own first website for a client right away. It involved downloading a template of basic HTML5 code from bootstrap with a theme. Then I got right into the editorial of the code and adding the clients information. The client is called ‘The Arches Cafe’ which is based in Belfast. They wanted a simple enough webpage with a front index page which displays some information about them, adding a few menu pages, contact form and a venue page.


Arches Cafe | The Client

I spend a whole week basically editing the template, adding new content to match what the client wanted from the brief. I also used some of my initiative to add features that I knew the client would like. For Example, I added a facebook profile plugin at the footer of each page. This way the viewers on the website will be able to see their facebook and go into it if they prefer.

What did I learn?

This week I learned some new code when working with bootstrap. I came to understand the properties of ‘col-md-6’ and ‘col-sm-12’ now I understand that bootstrap has these to determine different screen sizes, md-6 means the column is half the screen in a larger device screen like an ipad or a mini laptop (below 1000px) but the sm-12 is for a full screen on small devices like iphones. That way everything within that class column is scaled down to the size provided.

I also learned about the css property called ‘background-size: cover;’ this is used to cover any extra white space around the class we have so for example one of my banners was repeating itself when scaled to a phone size screen. This cover property literally covered that and got rid of any white space around the repeated area. It is a very useful code.




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