Work Experience | Week 2

Work Experience | Week 2

Subject | Finishing The Arches Cafe Website and learning WordPress 

What did I do?

At the start of this week I added some finishing touches to the Arches Cafe website so the client can come in and see the product. When the client comes in I still have to ask them about what they want changed and some details about the menu structure or what venues they want to have on their website. So far I only had their Facebook page for any details as the client did not communicate often with us.

I am very proud of coding a contacts page which send emails to the owner of Arches Cafe. Basically I struggled for a whole day with it, no matter what php code I done it would not work. So The next day I cam in with a clear head and found a way to, which was quite hard, online that guided me on how to do it. The page now smoothly sends the email through without asking you to log in with your email provider or anything like that.


The message below  the form confirmed my send message


Here is the test email I send to myself.

Now I am ready until the client comes in to look at the website. So for now I had to set the project aside and started doing other work given to me. Here are some of the things I done for the website:


Functions available at the cafe.


Menu list with a parallex function which scrolls smoothly.

Later I began to edit  a wordpress website and make some changes, this was given to me so I could learn a bit about actually editing the wordpress website live and how to change things within a theme. An existing client had a brief with changes they needed so I executed them.

  • Main task was to change the display of 3 steps on a website, they did not like how big the current one was and wanted something that looked nicer. So I photoshopped 4 images and then changed the properties in the codes so they display in line together.


The 3 step bubbles I designed

  • Changing some text content was easy but with that some of the items on the page moved and I had to change some code to make sure they all align properly again.
  • Add 2 more pages and link them to a part of a website. These pages were made with wordpress and then linked to the appropriate place within the html. The pages then were ready for the client to be able to edit the content through wordpress.


What did I Learn?

Jonny, has been teaching me some important parts about doing web design with companies. His most important tip has been about contracts. To be honest I never even thought about signing a very detailed contracts.

Lesson 1 : Always make sure that the client signs a contract before you start doing any work. 

He thought me about the importance of including a price and the working conditions into the contract. This way whenever a customer comes in to look at their product, they don’t spend weeks and weeks dragging out the project with lots of changes to the website which aren’t then paid for your time spend on it.

I have also learned to use the WordPress website for proper editorial. I now understand how the themes in wordpress work

Lesson 2: A theme has 3 most important files: the header which loads header content, the theme file which has all the html and css of the look of the webpage and the footer which loads footer content. All these files are formatted with PHP.

More than ever now I am glad I learned a bit about php code in my last year of Uni. I understood the template easily that way and knew what to edit and what not to touch. Using wordpress is very hadny, but I still have to learn how to use the whole package. I only got to work on changes I have not had the chance on making a new page alltogether yet.


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