Work Experience | Week 3

Work Experience | Week 3 

12th Septmber – 16th September

Subject | Learning WordPress and creating a Website for a Solicitor

What did I do?

This week was very relaxed, I got to take my time and learn in my own pace for half a week. I watched plenty of videos on youtube and found one really amazing tutorial to each me how to turn a bootstrap website into a WordPress website which is very useful at work. So I followed the tutorials exact steps and created the exact same website as his, I managed to do everything he showed and made my own external website as a theme for a blog.


This was very useful as I go to learn so much more about the back and front end of wordpress.

I then received another task, to create a simple and basic website for a Solicitor. So I took the files given to me and worked my way into making a simple and basic site from a template. This task was quite easy as the template is small and there isn’t too much to it. Just a one page website with basic information which I will have to wait until the client sends us.


Above is an example of how neat and clear the design is. I am not sure about the yellow colours with the charcoal but that is something the client can decide on further on. I added small icons like seen below so the area didn’t have too much white spice. It looks more professional this way.


What did I learn?

Learning WordPress I have learned a lot of PHP code. Some code was to let wordpress create a section where a client can edit the content without using code by just drag and dropping images, typing the text etc. The very important aspect of coding is where we separate the header and footer into separate files from the index and put in code for the wordpress to retrieve it and display it on the index.  The files then are called header.php and footer.php.

Here is an example of code which inside an index.php:


This is the type of code I learn this week. I have begun to practice it by doing some coding at home and by looking at the websites I had access to that Jonny and Martin have done already. The great one to learn from is the Rent2Buy site which is full of code that enables the user to edit all of the content. Even the product gallery can be edited with the software now. I took a great deal to study this code and learn from it.


Here is an example of come code. Where index.php is completely empty but it retreaves data it needs from other files such as header.php,  footer.php or image.php:

These pages load plenty of php script tags, which end up linking to the back end of wordpress allowing the user to manipulate it’s content. That way we can offer service in which a customer does not have to know code to add products. This is perfect for a retailer. The below script is from the page above, a script loading template directory js file. To load any files such code has to be used.




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