Work Experience | Week 4

Work Experience | Week 4

26th Septmber – 30th September

Subject | Learning WordPress and creating a Website for a Solicitor

What did I do?

This week I have got a task to create some banners for a website Jonny had to re-edit. It is called Hillmount Garden Centre and they needed new banners with some new information they needed to put in for Christmas Season coming up. So Jonny gave me a leaflet pdf that they had and told me which details to put into each banner. Over all I have done 7 banners by the end of the week as the client has come back with lots of changed.

This was a great small task to learn from as I got to deal with a client upfront, a worker of theirs has come into the office and went through the changes. For example I copied and pasted the exact phrasing from the leaflet, there was no need to type out any information. However the clients didn’t like the punctuation, so for the purpose for a banner, as it looked much better, I deleted a lot of punctuation from the sentences. They really didn’t like full stops at the very last sentence in the banner. This was a situation where it was up to me at the start to decide if to keep the punctuation or not, I did because their leaflet had it. But it is important to keep the client happy and even if I personally would have kept the full stops at the end of each sentence, I did as they wanted, after all they pay money for a product they like.

So this week I did a lot of Photoshopping, I spend most of Monday redoing the original design as they did not keep the Photoshop files from the last Banner Design Job. So I took a banner with text on it, had to erase it and then trace to complete the erased background details. To say the least, this was a long job, tracing and drawing in Illustrator making sure it is perfectly re-drawn was not easy.   Below is example of the original image and the second if the trace re-draw.


I saved the above image as a template image in Photoshop, so there will be no need for tracing and re drawing again. Now with this done, I could easily add the content later.

The client later send some more stuff to add on to the banners like change the dates from the leaflet and a few extra things like the use of some of their images thy didn’t actually like.

Here is one banner that I made in a theme of Christmas:


And here is a more basic banner which is nothing to do with Christmas events:


What did I learn?

This week I didn’t feel like I learned much about Photoshop or anything like that but I did learn how to deal with clients and how to try and please them. Having  a client in the office was interesting.  I realised it does not matter what kind of content the client gives you to use, if they feel like it isn’t right we are obligated to change it no matter if the content they provided in the first place was wrong or miss spelled etc.  I am honestly now regretting that I didn’t correct some of the spelling mistakes that were on the leaflet, I guess I just did not feel confident in correcting the clients work. Now I know that I should do it next time and take the initiative.




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