Work Experience

Work Experience | Week 6

Work Experience | Week 6

10th October – 15th October

Subject | Finished Arches Cafe and Logo Design

What did I do?

This week I have been very busy with lots of work. We finally got a hold of the Arches Cafe client and got all the content he wanted in the website including some changes. I spend all day adding the food menu that the client wanted, with the prices and small descriptions. Then we decided that the images should be taken out from each menu item and just laid it out nicely with a neat font. The menu started to look well and came together nicely, tidy, clean and quite minimalist with lots of white space.


I also then finished up a nice layout for the footer too adding a social media plugin because he gets a lot of recognition for his business there. I changed the opening times and contact details as well. After that I had to make sure the plugin was responsive which was hard to do because the plugin just would not scale into place because of the default facebook settings. But I eventually found a way to change the size and instead of scaling it, the plugin jumps down when on mobile in the footer. So the plugin takes up the whole width of the mobile and it still looks nice.

Lesson 3: Clients will always go back with really large changes, we have to be professional and adjust to their needs, even if at the very start they wanted something else. It is about offering the best service we can to their liking. After all the client needs to feel like they are getting their moneys worth

Responsive layout is so important now days as more people browse on their phones than on their laptops. It is most likely the availability of searching on the go, that way more people will google websites or check out the links from social media on their phones or tablets.

It’s Official: Google Says More Searches Now On Mobile Than On Desktop

Company officially confirms what many have been anticipating for years.

So it is necessary for us to code websites for mobile interaction. I finally got a hold of how to properly adjust websites for mobile devices and I am very pleased with how the Arches Cafe turned out. Here is a look of the responsive site:


What did I learn?


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