Work Experience

Week 11 | Social Media Managment

Week 11 | Social Media Managment

14th November – 18th November 

What did I do?

This week I was introduced to creating blog posts on WordPress for CultureHUB. Anna send me a Style Guide which she created for all her content. A Style Guide is used for all content including the magazine, blogs and social media posts or any other prints. Here is a simple guide I got:


I used this guide and examples to create some blog posts online. The way it works before a new issue comes out, we get enquiries asking us if we can post about promos, events and most of all gigs. A lot of bands or their managers would email us with the details of when and where they would play, including some details about the band. Posting is easy, I write content in the same way every time (headers are in bold, info about tickets in italic etc). Then I have to choose appropriate categories, add details to the SEO Manager which helps with social media posting and posts being found on Google. Then I add a pop up I made to each post and finally I create a banner in Illustrator.

Here is what it looks like before I post it:


Here is the type of banners I make:


Full post can be seen:

I spend all week creating up to 6 posts and uploading them to WordPress but that isn’t all. I then shared them to social media, especially facebook. There we also use the style guide and make sure that each post is done similarly. After each post was send out online I scheduled a social media post and made sure to tag people involved in the stories. I have done this management for most of the week. And from now on Anna felt confident to give me the task to manage the social media and blog posting every time I come in to work.


Also this week I had another editorial to do for an article. It was an unusual one, an interview with a man who enjoys photography of bird, he send us some very nice photos. I spend a few hours making 3 different layouts as I had so many ideas and giving Anna choice to choose from seems to be better than just one design. (My favourite is the middle one, it has a nice classy look)


What did I learn?

This week I learned more about managing Social Media and how to posts properly and when are the best times to schedule posts for to get the best views and response from the people. I learned about Style Guides and that every outlet has or should have one. Following style rules creates a theme along all the digital/print designs, that way people may always remember the style to be the source of a particular outlet.

I also learned about dealing with social media messages and comments, I have been introduced on how to handle certain requests and that talking through the CultureHUB page means who ever writes represents the whole company and the reputation of the media outlet.





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