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Week 12 | Responsibilities and Work Flow

Week 12 | Responsibilities and Work Flow

21st – 25th November 2016

What did I do?

This week  I started to notice the patterns of my work flow. This included what responsibilities  I have now on daily basis. A lot of people send gig announcements and other events to us so we can publish it to the blog and then also share it to social media. I get about 3-5 of those everyday to upload, including some photo editing for each post. So every morning I would spend until lunch to create the new posts with the information the clients send us and then I share it to social media. There is an example below:


Then at afternoons I got to design article layouts. This week I got to do two more, last minute at the end of the week before the magazine went into print on Monday.  First it was a really nice design for an Interview. A photographer has done some really great photos in a very vintage environment. So I took this into account and designed a nice layout which complimented the photos taken.


Then the final design for this Issue 10, I got a really cool food article. I read it and it was quite interesting. However I had to make sure the design did not reflect too much of advertising, since all the photos we got were the company products. I had two designs done, one with a cool cut out and then one with a more simple design. I got the idea for this look from Pinterest where the background is chalk looking and the culinary items lay flat on it. The second one is my best I think, it looks much better. It is up to the final editorial to choose which one they like the most.



What did I learn?

This week I learned how to work with vectors more. Anna has some pre-payed source of photos and vectors. I use that for a lot of my design work. With Illustrator I got to manipulate some of the vectors I used into anything I wanted, I never realised how handy using Illustrator for this is, Photoshop does not allow to edit vectors so in this case using it for designing layout has become useless to me. I have completely switched into using Illustrator for edits. I also learned some new possibilities in Illustrator like how to crop items, how to use the pen tool (however Photoshop is better for that) and how to change come background colour to match a photograph to a different one of my choice.

Everyday I learn something new from the magazine, about the layouts, different ideas on how to display information for print and how to create the best design for an article. Reading the article is extremely important and highlighting some details can really help with design later on.



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