Work Experience

Week 14 | Published Magazine

Week 14 | Published Magazine 

What did I do?

This is the week when the magazine has been published and I have had a little less work than usual, my main duties included taking care of the blog as usual and keeping up with the facebook messages and posting to facebook. Until the next magazine work starts flowing I won’t really have any other tasks, unless we have a deadline for a new project. However Anna has been creating a video and she asked me to help.

So I spend most of the week doing cut outs of all the usual artists CultureHUB represents and the ones we feature in our magazine. Anna has been working on creating a video and she asked me to help, especially since cutting out isn’t hard its just very time consuming. So I done over 30 cut outs which took a few days, especially since I also kept on top of blog posts and facebook.

I tried a few different way of doing cut outs, magnetic tool, cutting out with pen tool but the one that I newly learned is to use a Refine Edge after selecting area of the person I wanted to cut out with the Magic Wand or a Quick Selection Tool. After using that I realised that I can easily manipulate the edges to make them sharper or softer. I put a background behind the cut outs too to see what it would look like once it is placed in a video.


At the end of the week I had a whole folder full of cut outs, leaving the original file by the photoshop file. The cut outs looked well and the settings can always be adjusted once used for the video, that way whatever the background in the video, the edges can be made more suitable. Otherwise if I just cut out with a pen tool I could have just feathered the edges and that a lot of times did not look real enough, otr it was an obvious cut out.


What did I learn?

I learned a new and better way to do cut outs. It also saved a lot of time. If I did it with a pen tool, it would have taken too much time and I never would have had it finished for the deadline.



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