Work Experience

Week 15 | Back to work

Week 15 | Back to work

9th -13th January 2017 

What did I do?

      Finally it was the time to go back to work after a nice break for Christmas. Since we were only back this entry is quite short as we had to organise ourselves into what to do next, what’s gonna be happening, what articles may be considered for the magazine and what will be going up online. So all I did all the week was keep updating the Website with previously written articles and stories we had ready to be published and then put them on Facebook.

This was a good week to get back into doing work to get back into routine which wasn’t easy. However it was a nice quiet week since the office is going to be painted and re decorated for the next few weeks as we are expanding as a media company soon. We will start providing services such as video production, photoshoots and still doing the magazine of course but some of the content will change with local light hearted news.


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