Work Experience

Week 16 | Expanding the business

Week 16 | Expanding the business

16th – 20th January 2017

What did I do?

     This week was very interesting, the company is starting to expand into more platforms than just a Magazine. CultureHub is crating a “Eclectic Media” which will be in association with CultureHUB. So I had a job this week to find an idea for our new website at first. Anna wanted to get a WordPress template which I would feel confident then to edit to look a bit different and style it to her liking for the re branding of CH.

But before I got into that Anna told me to create my own little list of a sort of ideas what the re-branding could look like. I took it a step further and made it a presentation in Illustrator, like a proposal. Then I haded it for her review next week when we will be looking at how to re-brand the whole CultureHUB brand.

Here is what I done:


I searched for a lot of minimalist templates for websites afterwards too. I found a lot of really nice ones some were wordpress ready, some I would have to php code to be ready for WordPress, but I was happy with either or. It is up to Anna to now decide which one she would like to use. She decided we don’t have the time to code our own template from very scratch, especially since she isn’t good at coding at all and she did not want me to be left with an unnecessary amount of work.

Then the final task of the week was to create a logo for the new re brand. I spend a few days making many different types of logos. Using a variety of icons which may represent what Anna is trying to create. At the start I had to first get all my weird and not good ideas out of the system so I actually made them, to then see which part of the idea I didn’t like and avoid it in future creations. Then I finally got into a lot of nice designs I was very happy with. Here are some examples below:

logo types.png

I think the I gave Anna a lot of options and ideas on how to approach this. But later on after her liking the one with a mouse in it, I had an idea how to make it less space consuming and more relatable to the text. Here are my final drafts, if this is the idea anna would like to use then I will be able to make this logo into different colour schemes and then present it as a final proposal. At the minute it is still a draft so it is not perfectly designed.

prototype 1.png

What did I learn?

This week I have been learning about branding and how a company can expand and what it takes to advertise a new sub brand in a company. I have learned a few new tricks in illustrater too and how to divide the text to manipulate it better. In a next few weeks I expect to learn to set up a new website for culture hub with wordpress and start selling products with the EclecticMedia.


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