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Week 17 | New Website with WordPress

Week 17 | New Website with WordPress

23th – 27th January 2017

What did I do?

This has been a very exciting week, CultureHUB has finally started expanding and I have been assigned into creating a website for the new EclecticMediaNI page. Anna has decided that the best thing to do would be to purchase a wordpress template, I offered to code perhaps a bootstrap website, but she wants it on a software anyone can use and edit without knowing any code. So she has purchased a template we found which is a customising template that allows you to change it to your liking in wordpress.

Once bought I got into creating a new hosting for CultureHUB. We set it up with godaddy, for starters a months hosting, once the website kick off we will purchase it for a whole year. Once Anna purchased a domain name I got it up onto our hosting and then installed wordpress under that domain. this is the domain name under which the website is now fully hosted.


First website hosting

Once I got that, I have gone through some troubles with the purchased theme, It would not upload the easy way with WordPress, I had to use Cyberduck and log into the FTP to upload the theme under the themes folder in wordpress wp-content folder. Finally with that I got to start editing. Unfortenatly more troubles came, as some of the content would not install so the template was useless until that was sorted. Then I had to contact the customer service where they have told me why some of the things wouldnt install. Turned out on the godaddy account I had to enable .zip scripts so they can run my hosted webpages.

I got into getting to know the template style. Turned out I did not have to code much, although the knowledge of code was quite needed to know how everything works. This is the first time I have proper hands on work with WordPress. Thanks to the plugins I got to drag and drop a lot of content that I wanted to add.


The look of the plugins which help add content.

So this whole week I spend adding new pages to this site as it was a single page, I re-designed the whole look of the website and got my own ongoing theme going on through it all. I hope the site to be finished next week as there won’t be much more left than adding content, gallery images etc.

Also I have kept up with my usual duties of creating blog posts on CultureHUB aswell, posting a few things a day and uploading to social media. One very nice thing I whitnessed was a huge increase in the views we get and interaction with the social media. It is nice to be a part of this greatly growing progress.


  • Our page would usually not get more than 8000 post reaches.

What did I learn?

Since this was my first time independently setting up hosting and putting a website under a domain, I learned how to go through the whole process. I can now happily say I know how to set up my own hosting online and start hosting other websites.

I also realised how much more and more software is replacing Web Designers and Developers, buying a template for wordpress is  not so hard to set up yourself. However after going through all the steps alone, I can also see why people would still pay a professional to set this type of website up, even if it requires almost no coding. It can be a frustrating process, especially not knowing anything about what goes on when making a site.

 I honestly feel like I learned a whole new set of skills when dealing with a pre coded site like this, It still takes some time to edit and create things you may want however it is much easier and more pleasant. Especially if you enjoy the design aspects more than developing.


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