Week 18 | Starting the new business

Week 18 | Starting the new business 

30th January – 3rd February

This week I was meant to continue with the website and get it up and running however we got a very important client asking for two gifs or videos to be made for sharing for social media. The client was the Science Festival NI. They have a huge few weeks of events coming up and they wanted a campaign ti advertise them on social media.

We got into work for this project instead and it took over a week since there was so much work for it and keeping up with posts and updates on CultureHUb website.

So my main jobs were cut outs. I done about 20ish which we got from the people running the festival. Here is an example of what kind of cut outs I had to do, sometimes it was just the background to erase, sometimes I had to cut out certain elements from the actual photo. Here is a before and after photo, I added a background to the one below so it looks clearer as a cut out.



I spend lots of time doing that, quite a few days as well as erasing a background from a video frame by frame, it was a dreadful task as there were over 80 frames for only a 3 second video and a lot of the background interfered with the actual object. Cutting that out took  a whole day! I had to say that was exhausting and I appreciate Movie Editors and Special Effects people a lot more after this!

Also whenever I got the chance I looked through some adjustments for the website, adding content, changing images, putting in template images so later on Anna can decide what to put in their place. Here is an example of some content and layout done.



Easy to say this was a hectic week! I learned so much, like I didn’t know it is possible to cut out a background frame by frame in Photoshop, and I have improved with the pen tool, because before I was terrible. Although cutting anything out is much easier with my Wacom Graphics Tablet.


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