Week 19 | Multitasking

Week 19 | Multitasking

06th – 10th February 2017

This week I have been doing a lot of different things everyday. I have worked on a website first of all and finished all of the content for all the services categories. I have also came up with the idea to have an FAQ page where clients can find out some of the most basic questions without having to contact us.

http://eclecticmediani.co.uk/faq/  – her you can check it out


As you can see above the right hand side items are in an accordion of a sort so when you click on one the opened on folds and a new one unfolds. There I have put in a lot of our terms and conditions to protect the company for all the products. To do the terms and conditions I had to study up on a lot of other companies and how they protect their product.

Then later on I spend a few days doing some vector graphics for another science festival video, this time it was to do with food and I looked at all of their categories and made a vector to represent each event. I have done so many, i can’t upload them all here so I will put up some of my favourites.






These vectors were made in illustrator, each item a different layer so it can be edited for the video.  I absolutely loved doing this task and I have done about 11 of these graphics which are all in the videos. This was such a great task to do, I enjoyed it because I have not done Graphic Design like this in a while now.


Here is the video with all my vectors:



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