Week 20 | SEO in WordPress

Week 20 | SEO in WordPress

13th – 17th February 2017

This has been a week full of finishing touches of the website. I have almost finished it all, however there are still some bits and peaces that can’t be done without Anna’s full attention and since we have been very busy it was hard to do a lot of these things at the same time.

I have done  a lot of new adjustments like made new graphics for the website or added relevant photos to do with the company. I have took some photos nicely tidy of our magazines and added an image to that aswell:


I have been very busy with SEO this week however, WordPress offers great tool however there were too many to actually decide whats best. So I purchased a small ebook on my Kobo to educate myself, I did not want to do a terrible job and fail in our website be recognised by google.

The book is called ‘SEO for WordPress: “How I hit #1 of Google in 27 days” ‘ So far I only got a bit into the book but it had improved my way of thinking about SEO very fast. For example I did not know that when you google a specific keyword below at the bottom of the page google shows what people google the most to do with this topic. This is a great opportunity to add more keywords to your SEO.

To help me with SEO I simply got a plugin for WordPress called Yoast SEO and it is amazing for indicating what you are doing right or wrong.


Here above is what it looks like, you have a section for what it will look like on google, then you set your title, url and description. You have to make sure then to set a Focus Keyword and that keyword should be in the title and the description. Then below are Analysis which tell you what is good and what could be improved. Some thing you simply can’t have all green and good. For example sometimes the word count on the page will be too small, but if it is a small description of an image you will not hit above 300 words. This also offer the service to analyse your phrasing and text, the Readability tab is for that which you can see below.


Also as book advised I used a tool which helps with keywords: https://serps.com/tools/keyword-research/  This tool helps you find out which keywords are most used and looked for by people:


I have learned so much about SEO by briefly studying this book and using a few convenient tools.  I am confident now that I can set up any website in WordPress and have it in google ranks fast! This whole week has been very educational and I loved every minute of doing the SEO. I found learning from it and acheaving the ‘green dot of aproval’ from Yoast plugin has made me  very determined.


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