Week 21 | Learning Hard Lessons

Week 21 | Learning Hard Lessons

Monday 27th February – Friday 03rd March

What did I do?

This week has been quite quiet as the office has been renovated and we have had to wrok outside of the office for a few days. I have done the usual duties of putting up facebook posts and nothing much more happened as the whole week has been used for paintign and decorating which I helped a bit in.

We would have gotten a lot more done however our office Wifi has been down for almost 2 days so I ended up doing Social media posts as usual but from home for a day. I also added some bits and pieces onto the website and started doing some finishing touches such as reading over content and making sure everything aligned correctly.

Also since my boss has been offline for 24hours she has not realised we had a situation happening on facebook. One of the reviews we had posted has gotten a lot of slander and mean comments on  facebook, unacceptable ones. The worst part was that when I read the review it really was not well written and some language in it has been very inappropriate. This is when I was stuck at what to do, I thought perhaps something like this happens and it should be left alone and that I should not be involved. But I thought if this was me running the magazine I would want to know as soon as possible if a situation like this occurs. So I rang Anna and told her about it all, I read her the review fully and she has told me that it was good I rang her. She asked me to handle it by deleting the whole review from facebook, twitter and the website. Seemed like I have done the right thing.

What did I learn?

I learned that an office such as this and a magazine in fact can not be down with wifi for any length of time. We have fallen so behind so quickly. I learned about how scary some situations can be in this business, when a review like was posted without a proper edit and a read through it has caused trouble. This is when Anna has made the decision to also finalise the editors edits as well to avoid these sort of situations. If I did not notice what was happening this situation might have gotten worse.

Then I also learned more about copyright, one of the images which we created for a banner of a post for a band has gotten a negative email, which a photographer started he does not like his work being used without permission. The issue was that we found this image on the bands website and it was cropped with his watermark gone and we used the cropped photo. At the time we took it as a facebook or instagram photo the way it was perfectly square. It turned out the band cropped it and we and them got in trouble. But by removing the photo, the photographer took the apology and it ended there. Have to be careful where images come from, especially in a publication.



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