Week 22 | Asana and Mailchimp

Week 22 | Asana and Mailchimp

Monday 6th – Friday 10th March 2017


What did I do?

This week I have been working on doing many different tasks which I came in conflict on what to actually do, when and how to do it all on time. So I found an organiser online which helped me remember all the things needed to be done and when to do them on time. Asana is an amazing application, works on phone and pc. It helped me create projects and then group tasks and it sends reminders which is even better. I have it on the go with me all the time. Here is an example of one of my projects:


This week I have been designing a Mailchimp template for Eclectic Media. We want to send out a lot of emails to companies which may be interested in our services. I like using mailchimp barbecue it is so easy to set up a template, just drag and drop the items we want and then add images, text and its done! This week we are not sending it off yet but we are working on a couple of layouts to then choose as our main newsletter look.


What did I learn?

I just got more familiar with mailchimp this week. I got to mess about with it a lot and it’s tempaltes. Also I learned to rely on Asana and organise myself better throughout the week as a task list on paper just simply was not working for me.


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