Week 23 | New Article Designs

Week 23 | New Article Designs

Monday 13th – Friday 17th 2017

What did I do?

This week I got my hands on designing new articles once again. I got this interesting article about Go Girl which are a feminist group. At first I was confused at how to create a design to fit the group and not throw in ‘extreme feminism’ in the readers face. It was a tough one but as I began to read the article, they are not as much of a feminist croup as much as  a support for young woman which is different in my opinion. So i checked their facebook and twitter seeing what they post and the exhibitions they do are orientated around pop art. So the design came much clearer to me. I combined their logo colours of blue and yellow and made an eye catching design. When looking at this it doesn’t scream femenism which is good. It just looks like a cool pop art and the girls in photos are artists, which they are. Honestly I love this design, I’d say this is one of my best. design.png

I also made another article design, I began to work on it. It wont be finished for a another few weeks as all the images and stuff aren’t here yet. It is a big feature 3 page article. I loved the photos in this and approached it with a very classy look. I used a glam and rich looking font as well as took advantage of the great images to create the design below. This will not be a final design for sure but I doubt we will have to change it much as it suits the article.


What did I learn?

This week I don’t think I have learned a new skill but I learned to venture outside of my own comfort zone and using the designs I am best at. These two article designs were completely not the style I usually design. I am very into minimalist design now or pastel cute looks with fonts like Roboto and Bebas while in these I even surprised myself at how little research it took to design these and in a style that suits the articles so well. I am starting to feel like working here has started to rub off on me with my ways of thinking and designing.


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