Work Experience

Week 24 | More Design and New Website

Week 24 | More Design and New Website

Monday 20th – Friday 24th 2017

What Did I Do?

This week has been very interesting but also very frustrating. I had ran into a lot of trouble with the creation of a brand new website for a client. I had to create a new hosting, since the client wanted their own account not be on ours. (We have a package with GoDaddy which allows unlimited websites on it as long as we don’t exceed the storage amount)

We got her set up but there were issues. We created the hosting in her name but we were chosen for verification by the GoDaddy team and it was a nightmare. They choose new people at random to double check their credentials. Since I set up the account in her name and address but paid from Belfast location it flagged up for verification. It was annoying to say the least as I had to ask the client for a photocopy of their ID and their bank card to match up their details. It was hard to believe they would request such information to be photocopied and submitted with an online form. Our client is law qualified and after looking them up she said that it was alright. We waited about 4 hours before the verification went through.

After that I bought the domain for the client and encountered another problem. I had to ring them twice to find out what was going on. First I rang and found someone on the phone who knew less then me about domains, which I did not expect.  While I spend 25min with her where she mostly did not know what was going on, her supervisor assured that the domain was being verified still. It can take up to 72hours but usually it takes about 30 min. I left the office for the day at 5 and went home hoping she was right.

The next morning it still did not work and I couldn’t believe I had to ring again. This time the person told me that the domain is in refund process, yet the account kept saying the domain was working but when I got onto it I had a DNS error. Eventually the guy left me with it will take 72hours to get a refund and then I can re-purchase it again. It was ridiculous at this stage. However after an hour we got an email confirming the domain was set up. So I think the verification was just taking a long time.

After I finally was set I started designing a website and using the WordPress features to make a simple layout to work with. We used the template we have purchased before as it’s settings and layouts are very easy to work with. The only problem was uploading the zip file to the system. I also had to enable .zip files in my PHP settings on the hosting account.

I had to go to the system settings:


Then in PHP PEAR packages I had to find the zip extension:


And then after installing it I had to also allow it the current PHP Version:


The Design part I barely got to touch much this week. I made a simple layout and chose a colour of my own accord for now until I get to talk to the client more. So far I know she wants an Enter Page at the front which then lead to the rest of the page that showed the services and other page links.


Simple Layout for now until I get content put in:


What Did I Learn?

This week I realised how difficult talking to tech support can be, especially when you have a client, a deadline and your paying with their money for a product. However this has helped me to be less annoyed next time, I think next time after one call I would just wait and see what happens and do other work. However I do wish I did not have to call anyone at all next time, the GoDaddy system looks good and is easy to use but it does not help when the Domain says it is set up, while it is till being verified.

I learned that dealing with clients can be the easiest part of this, having to work out DNS errors which can mean just about anything is the most dreadful part.

Another thing I have learned was enabling the .zip files on the GoDaddy account in PHP settings. I had to google this on their forum and then find how to activate it in the back end.



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