Week 25 | Working on the new website

Week 25 | Working on the new website

Monday 27th – Friday 31st 2017

What did i do?

This week I have been working on the new website which I started last week. This week I have been adding new pages and content which the client wanted. I spend some time searching for images and fonts to use as well. Since the client wants a nice and minimal site with limited information so the viewers are encouraged to call more than sit for hours on the site and looking through information, I made a basic design.

yourtrialmatters.co.uk – website



I have come across some trouble with making the mail form work. The message says send but I did not get any emails from the site. So far from what I seen wp sending emails can have a lot of issues. I have been very annoyed at not being able to solve it so far. I am starting to think that the php mail() extension isn’t running at all from wordpress, or the server (goDaddy) is stopping it from working by having something disabled.

I did however achieve a coming soon page for wordpress by installing a plugin which stops people from seeing the page while build and leaves them with a message. The only way to see the site is by  being logged in to wordpress.


Also I have made a new Design for the Magazine. This one is my favourite so far. The article was all about comic book artists and the two guys interviewed talked about their work. I loved the potential for design this article had and I went full out creative. What would you do with an article about comic books? I literally made the whole two pages look like comic books. I did decide to leave a lot of white background instead of going colour crazy as comics would be. But I have tried to interprate the article into a very visual eye candy!  I love this design so much, it ended up looking really relevant to the piece.



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