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Book Review |Firebolt

Book Review |Firebolt

Fire Bolt Series | Book 1 | By Adrienne Woods

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5.5/10


No spoilers review

I have a lot to say about this book and unlike a lot of people on goodreads it won’t be a as good as reads make it seem to be there. Maybe it is just me, maybe I enjoy more complex written stories with very well thought out writing style.

Story: I hate to say it but this story is so predictable. Everything that happens is very cliche, we have the romantic interest….which happens very suddenly, without any build up. Then there is the aspect of the writer tending to just jump places. One moment we are in a scene of action, the next we are in her room without any indication to why and when it happened. There are also a lot of plot holes and contradictions in the story, which pains me to read. Although the world of this book is very cool, the idea is great and the fact that there are dragons is even better! But it isn’t implemented well, I feel like there are pages missing between events.

Characters: Elena…..I don’t even know where to start, but let me tell you this – if my father died and we were chased by Dragons, the moment the Head Master took me into the school I’d be bambarding him with questions on how can I find out who killed my Father and am I safe? I would want to know why they chased us in the first place!

She is a whiny character who finds it hard to adjust to her new way of life. Listen, I get it, adjusting is hard but it just isn’t written in a believable way. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate her, I was willing to read on and find out what happens. At least the book doesn’t turn you away too much. But she is a boring character. The author tries to implement Elena is interesting with love for art…..which is only mentioned once! Then she suddenly goes out with Lucas to an art gallery….and we find out this world is similar to ours because Paparazzi attack them. Another big WTF moment. I swear I could go on and on and on about my WTF moments….

I loved Sammy and Becky, they were just funny and lovable, they remind you of your own friends which is nice and the way they talk to each other made me laugh. Lucas was an interesting character too, but I didn’t love him like I do most male love interests. There is weird bitchiness drama between a few characters too, which doesn’t feel out of place for school but it felt forced and as everything else…sudden! Also, while I remember, what is with these people not having any body language?! People express them selves with body language more than talking sometimes. Over all I had to read some pages twice because I felt like I missed something in between events.

Anything very positive to say? Actually yes! I love the book cover! As a designer it is beautiful and very suitable. The book cover does hype you up for a good book, too bad it isn’t as good as it looks.

Would I recommend this? If you have time to waste sure, try it and see what your thought are, and if you do leave a wee comment and let me know! I’d love to see your opinions. Although if you are like me, and the pain of bad writing hurt too much, I’d say spare yourself the agony. I actually got really annoyed at how much potential the book had but was wasted on this book. I wish….oh how I wish she did a better job with this book!

Spoilers from here on!

Characters: Elena’s sudden relationship with Lucas had me reading the whole page again. I felt like I missed a chapter, or two, or a whole book before this. He suddenly kissed her and said ‘he wanted to do that since the first time he saw her’ which was 5-6 days ago? Well….he gets his motor running fast! Also the days started flying and they were properly dating….wait what?! (I had a lot of these moment when reading -_-).

One more huge annoying part of the story is how she quickly just got over her dad’s death. If it was me I would be begging the Head Master to find out who and why they were chasing me and why they killed my dad!!! But yeah fitting into new school is way more important.

The worst part is how suddenly  she became sure  of her destiny and what her foretelling meant.  If it was written in a way that hinted some ability that awoke a Dragonian in her that would be fine. But nope. It all just happened.

Overall: The ending was terrible, and so rushed I didn’t even know what happened and how. There are too many questions unanswered that should have at least gave more hints to Elena and why she seems to be important. The whole out of the blue – Elena knowing her destiny and going to the Cave to find the sword, because she just knew she had to go there – made me say WDF at least 10 times. There is no implementation Elena is even special besides being a virgin for this task.  She solves riddles just like that and she suddenly fight well just like that. She also was always nervous around Blake, she had weird vibes for him yet we learn so little about him I feel like we need to care for him, but we don’t, simply because he’s there so rarely. The only unpredictable story moment was when Becky descended, I did not expect that to happen the way it did.


So overall I think the potential for the story was huge, it could have been better if it wasn’t so rushed and more descriptive and if the characters were more interesting and with more self expression.

My exact review rating is 5.5/10 because the book isn’t terrible but it isn’t amazing either. So yeah, if you have lots of time to spare, go for it, read it and try to enjoy some of it. For me it felt exhausting to read 😦


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