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Week 25 | More Design and New Website Part 2

Week 25 | More Design and New Website Part 2

Monday 27th March – Friday 31st March 2017 

What did I do?

This week I continued on the clients website. I got some pieces of content from her to put in and more strict design rules. This was a good project to work on, because I learned a major lesson from this: Give the client whatever they want, even if it doesn’t look good and you don’t like it. 

The client had a very clear idea in their head what the site should look like. We scrapped the enter page and we are now just going straight into the site itself. So far I had 6 pages to make and put content into it.

The design she wanted was no white spacing at all – even though I did advise against that as there is a lot of content to be read and on a coloured background it isn’t always easy to read. Then she chose a stock image as a background image and asked to have it on all pages with an overlay of grey in the middle with the content in it. After spending over a week on tweaking the design to her liking here is what I got:


I made the design a bit better by adding a darker grey in the background so the rest of the content stands out. The client also wanted grey text but it was going to be impossible to read so after showing her the screenshots of what it would look like she agreed to have the text white. Although white was hard to see too so I added a shadow behind it in custom code of WordPress which worked well. (I still don’t like it but the client loved it).

After creating other 5 pages and setting them up I ended up with a  uniform look for all the pages:


So this is the look. Also the logo seen in the screenshots is designed by me too. It is meant for the big pawn (being us normal people) coming out better and on top than the queen (which are the big people) who may convict you unfairly simply because they can. As the site is meant to be a second opinion on matters of crime this suited well and she loved the logo. The font is quite sophisticated (bdooni font) and looks professional, suits the over all look of the site.

Also as usual in between working on the website I have done social media posts on the CultureHUB website and other design tasks handed to me.

What did I learn?

I learned that I will not always like what I am working on, I liked the concept and tried to make a very professional minimal site but the client wanted something different. It is best to give the client what the want and what they are paying for, even if as a designer we think we know better and what people rather see on the web. I did enjoy doing the website but I just don’t like the over all look as it is not easy to read and it looks like a lot of effort to go through all the information. I am worried this site will have little views and very short sessions as the site is not comfortable to look at.


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